BIS RUBIS MULTI BIG AND RUBIG ~ CH Athalow Aint No Choir Boy. 


Welcome to Athalow Kennels

owned by

Jonathon Nash & Marlow Magnayon

our motto

~ Quality Shines Through ~

0ur undertaking 

 ~The dogs of Athalow are NOT used to generate an income~


 Whist we strive to achieve in the show ring; our dogs are firstly beloved family members; they are not ornaments we bring out once a week to show. We endeavour to produce sound / well-balanced dogs that are capable of excelling in any of the dog sport disciplines or becoming sterling members of any family. Whilst working towards this goal we understand that to produce excellent ambassador's of the breed we need to consider the breed holistically i.e. type, temperament & construction.  Further we realise that goals are not always easily attained hence the philosphy we embrace here at Athalow is " the journey is to be savoured in the pursuit of a goal". Please enjoy our dogs.


Jonathon is an accredited judge for the following groups -

Group 1 - Toys, Group 3 - Gundogs, Group 6 - Utility  and Group 7 - Non Sporting. 

UPDATED Wednesday 11 October 2023 



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Jonathon Nash
Manning Valley Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438743607
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